Choosing the right shelving is first and foremost the choice of security, not just storage. It is to optimize storage space and facilitating the lives of employees.

To discover our industrial shelving

Light and medium heavy shelving

What are the differences between these shelving?

Light duty industrial racking allows you to load, unload and store small, lightweight products, in a manually way and quickly. Modular and durable in time, their assembly is easy, without screws or bolts. Our bestseller ? Flip tank shelving, up to 250 kg per shelf.

Able to carry 250 to 500 kg per shelf, industrial heavy-duty shelving can store your products manually. The customization choices are such that you can use them for the storage of tires, small products (screws, ...), liquids (dangerous or not) or simple cartons. You can also add doors, screen protections and anti-fall grids. For a maximum customization, we recommend Ad'vance shelving. If you want to add grids, the Epsilon sparing rack is the best for you.

In which environments is it possible to store them?

Depending on the shelving chosen, you can store it:

  • In a warehouse or a factory
  • In the food industry, with shelving that complies with hygiene standards
  • In a humid environment
  • In an administrative space, with our office shelves 

Is it possible to adapt them to a storage platform?

Yes ! Our storage platform fits perfectly with most of our shelves. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more and make a free quote.

To see our storage platform

Racks and cantilever for long loads

To store long loads, an adapted shelving is essential. A cantilever will allow you to store tubing, profiles or planks horizontally. You can also opt for vertical storage.

Heavy racking and pallet rack

Unlike light and medium-sized shelving, pallet racks allow you to store your storage equipment with your pallet trucks. They can carry up to 1500 kg per shelf. Ideal in warehouses or for bulky outdoor product storage.

Specific shelving

Dynamic racking makes it easy to quickly manage stocks on pallets with a high turnover rate. For your palletized loads, you can opt for our Espirack pallet rack. For a temporary storage need, a pallet rack, to install and remove quickly, is also available. In addition to our pallet rack, we also have different pallets to fit to your needs. In addition to economical fir pallets, we offer wire, tubular and in gratings. Long loads, cleats and profiles, are indicated for our Cantilever removable stop shelving. It is available in two versions: the cantilever for light and medium-heavy loads, adapted to industrial environment, as the cantilever for large loads, which can be installed outdoors as well as indoors. A drawer rack allows to store long loads and to optimize work surface space.