Tow-in-train pallet dolly

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Our tow-in-train pallet dolly is perfect for handling your loads on wooden or mesh pallets in the minimum number of trips. With a capacity of 1000kg, its steel profile structure with blue epoxy paint finish and 4 centring corners guarantee excellent reliability in use.

More details

    An ergonomic pallet dolly Our tow-in-train pallet dolly is designed so up to 5 dollies can be towed in single file. A train of pallet dollies can be towed by a towing vehicle equipped with a drawbar at a maximum speed of 6km/h and a load of up to 3000 kg. Reliable, our tow-in-train pallet dolly is equipped with a flat iron drawbar. Easy to use, it is positioned by foot, while the vertical position is automatic thanks to a gas cylinder. The wheels on our dolly have polyurethane tyres on aluminium rims and high-precision ball bearing hubs. Non-marking, they are designed for silent movement on level ground. There are 2 fixed wheels with transport yokes and 2 directional wheels with clamps and pins with secure locking for optimised movement in train formation.
    Hauteur282 mm
    Dimensions (l x P)810x610 mm ; 1010x810 mm ; 1210x810 mm ; 1210x1010 mm
    Capacité1000 kg