Warming wardrobe

    Our warming wardrobe is equipped with a hot air ventilation system. This system allows to dry simultaneously work clothes, pairs of shoes, boots or gloves for 10 people. It is perfectly adapted to users comfort and provides a good level of hygiene in the locker.

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      A warming wardrobe adaped for outdoor work

      Made in France, the locker sheet metal can reach up to 1 600 W. Thanks to its power, the drying is usually done in 1 to 4 hours. The engine stops automatically after 4 hours.

      A warming wardrobe for 10 people

      For more space, the warming locker is equipped with a motor located outside the locker. This one-piece metal locker can complement the offer of classic locker on existing installations.

      PENCHAUD V41650 x 500 x 1970
      PENCHAUD V51510 x 535 x 1950
      MaterialGalvanised sheet
      Power1600 W
      Number of people10
      ConditioningCarton + shrink film