Post pallets

    Our post pallets offer a fast and efficient means of temporary storage to complement your pallet racks. With a maximum height of 9 meters and a load capacity of 1500 kilogrammes per level, our pallet collars provide reliable shelving in all circumstances.

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      A practical and logical solution for temporary shelvingAlthough temporary, our post pallets can be set up with gangways like conventional storage. That way, handling is further facilitated because the loads can be accessed and manipulated by forklift. Modular, our post pallets offer several tube heights and up to 3 levels to accommodate the height of your loads. Add to this the ability to add and remove pallets without having to dismantle the entire structure and you have the perfect tool for temporary surplus storage. The bonus? The structure of our post pallets has been designed to take up minimal space to significantly reduce the costs of return transport when empty.
      Hauteur tubes1050 mm ; 1680 mm ; 2100 mm
      Base1545 x 1180 mm
      Capacité1500 kg