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    Our storage mezzanine is the perfect solution for storing your materials. In addition to significantly increasing your storage space, it can be custom-built to suit your professional environment. It has a self-supporting structure thanks to its tube uprights without perforations equipped with metal footplates welded to the bottom for better load distribution.

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    An industrial mezzanineThe wide spaces between the uprights allow staff and vehicles to move with ease around the area underneath the mezzanine. The uprights can be fitted with guards for improved stability. The top can be covered with a flooring of 30 or 38 mm uncoated chipboard or 38mm chipboard with white underside, metal grating, teardrop sheeting or steel trough. Our storage mezzanine can be configured and equipped to suit your requirements. Overhangs can be used to work around obstacles, triangular elements can be used for installation in a triangular space and receptions landings can be installed for stairways. Offices can be created under and on the mezzanine by using partition walls. A storage mezzanine perfect for logisticsOur mezzanine can be installed above our shelving systems to double your storage space. Its load capacity is calculated per square metre to make sure your requirements are fully satisfied. The safety railings can incorporate a safety gate so staff can handle materials without risk of falling from the mezzanine. A great mezzanine for sales areasBesides being useful in your storeroom, our storage mezzanine is also great for sales areas. The PAB stairway allows easy access to the mezzanine and the structure is able to support the bulkiest products you could want to display.
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