EPSIVOL mesh shelving

    Epsivol mesh shelving is an efficient solution for completely safe storage of your products in industrial environments. Semi-heavy duty shelving, it offers a load capacity of 350 kg per level, providing storage that is both reliable and optimised. You can opt for shelving with 2 or 3 levels. Its wire mesh is equipped with a padlockable hinged double door.

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    Mesh shelving designed for industrial environments. Our mesh shelving is offered with a wide selection of shelves. Depending on your stock, you can choose between a model with mesh, with 5 mm wire diameter, single or double wire. An electrozinc finish ensures excellent durability. You can also fit containment trays for your canisters and pollutants. We also offer optional safety pins for the beams. Take a look at our shelving with beams for another great solution for semi-heavy storage.
    Longueur1800 mm
    Profondeur 600 mm ; 800 mm
    Hauteur2000 mm ; 2500 mm
    Capacité350 kg par niveau
    Charge par niveau350 kg