Installation audit

Since the safety of your operators is of paramount importance when they are working on mezzanines and shelving, Actiflip can conduct installation audits for you to check the integrity of your structures. In addition to identifying any damage or malfunction that would need to be rectified for compliance, the experts we send to your workspace will also check for implementation of appropriate signage before presenting you with a detailed report regarding their observations.

The audit is performed on storage mezzanines and pallet racks as well as dynamic and mobile shelving. It covers several points: the condition of the parts incorporated in your structures, e.g. safety pins, any deviations in the verticality of the uprights, distribution of the load on your installations and the condition of the floor.

If one of your installations proves to be damaged, the damaged parts will need to be repaired or replaced. If the damage is too significant, the structure will need to be unloaded immediately and not used until the repairs have been carried out.

Storage installations must be audited at least once a year according to the standard NF-EN 15635.

Green level : Low damage; the condition simply needs to be monitored.

Orange level : Damage significant enough to require repair or replacement of the defective parts. However, the structure does not need to be unloaded.

Red level : Significant damage that requires the structure be unloaded immediately and a safety perimeter to be set up around the installation until the repairs have been carried out.