Palletisable outdoor cabin

    Our palletisable outdoor cabin is a reliable and cost-effective solution for installing business premises outside. This modular cabin will be able to fulfil whatever function and configuration you need. Palletisable and adaptable, it is the perfect solution in all sorts of situations. Amongst other things, it could be used as a site cabin, storage facility, temporary office or locker room.

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    A palletisable, modular outdoor cabin Modular and combinable, our outside cabin is available in a wide range of sizes for a perfect fit with the configuration of your workspace. To meet all your needs, our palletisable outdoor cabin is offered with a variety of optional equipment. In addition to double glazing, shutters and bars for the windows, electrical panels and lifting eyes for slinging by the base can also be installed. A reliable palletisable outdoor cabin Pre-assembled in the factory, our palletisable outdoor cabin is designed for easy installation. For durability, the structure is fully galvanised, then receives a layer of rust protection and two coats of polyurethane paint. It also offers good sound insulation for optimal working conditions. Our palletisable outdoor cabin can be moved as and when required by forklift or slings through the roof, providing you with a solution that is both practical and cost-effective for all sorts of outdoor building requirements. If you’re thinking of setting up an indoor premises, have a look at the product sheet for our palletisable indoor cabin.
    Hauteur2500 mm
    Surface2,30m² , 4,50m² , 6,90m² , 9,30m² , 11,7m² , 14,1m²
    Réglementation incendieERT ERP
    Norme thermiqueRT 2012