Palletisable indoor cabin

    Pre-assembled in the factory, our palletisable cabins are designed for immediate installation in your work area. Versatile, they serve equally well as a workshop office or a warehouse office. Equipped with a base with fork guide for easy installation by forklift, they are modular to cater for all your needs.

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    An indoor cabin for optimal working conditions Our palletisable indoor cabin is designed to offer all the comfort of a real warehouse office or workshop office. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be easily combined to integrate perfectly into your professional space. The metal structures have high-density mineral wool insulation and the floors have a floor covering. Brightness is ensured by large windows and light fixtures. With a choice of full or glass door, our palletisable cabin is offered with a variety of optional equipment, including double glazed windows and air conditioning. Electric convection heaters can be also be installed. If you’re thinking of installing a palletisable cabin outside, you should have a look at our palletisable outdoor cabin.
    Hauteur2450 mm hors tout ; 2200 mm sous plafond
    Dimensions (L x l)2000x2000mm ; 3000x2000mm ; 3000x3000mm ; 4000x2000mm ; 4000x3000mm ; 5000x3000mm ; 6000x2000mm ; 6000mmx3000mm ; 7000x3000mm ; 8000x3000mm