Industrial partition wall

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Our industrial partition wall is designed to meet all your needs in terms of layout and demarcation of the work area in your plant. Re-configurable, you can create whatever shape you require and change it at any time. It serves equally well for partitioning your risk areas as for protecting your parts.

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    A modular industrial partition wall Easy to assemble and extendible at will, our industrial partition wall will keep up with the growth of your work area every step of the way. The panels are available in five different versions: mesh, steel sheet, plexiglass, semi-mesh and white melaminated. Totally independent of each other, you can combine them however you want. Self-supporting and with no gusset on the base, it takes up only the minimal amount of space in your professional area. Strong and sturdy thanks to the welded footplates on the uprights, our industrial partition wall is also designed to enhance the security of the parts you store. Its unique assembly system prevents panels being disassembled from the outside, and a mesh roof can be installed for all-round separation of your space. The system also includes doors in a choice of steel sheet or mesh with a range of locks: digicode, anti-panic or padlockable. Our industrial partition wall can be made to measure, to guarantee full satisfaction.
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