Anti-fatigue mat

  • Industry and logistics
Our anti-fatigue mat is ideal for ensuring comfort while working in a standing position. Made from 14mm-thick recyclable rubber, it can be used in many industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors.

More details

    A modular, industrial anti-fatigue mat The surface of our anti-fatigue mat features raised domes to effectively prevent fatigue. It is also anti-slip and sound-insulating. It has oblique edges so as not to impede the movement of handling vehicles such as trolleys and pallet trucks. Modular, you can clip several anti-fatigue mats together along their widths to create the configuration you need. Our anti-fatigue mat is also available in an industrial version made from nitrile rubber. Its increased resistance, particularly to chemicals, makes it ideal for work in the most demanding industrial environments.
    SurfaceDôme relevé ; Caoutchouc de nitrile