Eco-design open-front bin

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The eco-design open-front bin is an economic solution for storing your small parts. Made from recycled polypropylene, it is reliable, versatile and environment-friendly. It is available in a wide range of sizes so you can find the best one to suit the configuration of your storage systems and the type of parts you want to store.

More details

    A practical plastic open-front bin for every situation The eco-design open-front bin with integrated label holder will help you organise your goods efficiently. In addition to the shelves, the hanging tabs on the back of the eco-design open-front bin makes it compatible with storage systems like cabinets and trolleys. Robust, the plastic composition of the eco-design open-front bin is strengthened by reinforcement pillars. It has a flat, non-slip bottom and locking grooves for reliable performance. Suitable for all environments, there’s a place for the eco-concept open-front bin in everyone’s storage area. Compatible with our Flip shelving, the eco-concept open-front bin completes our range along with the European and Pick-in open-front bins we offer.
    Dimensions50x100x90mm (0,3l) ; 75x125x125mm (1l) ; 100x125x200mm (2l) ; 125x150x225mm (3l) ; 125x200x300mm (8l)