Pick-in open-front bin

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The Pick-in open-front bin is an excellent solution for storing your loose small parts. Designed for storing maximum parts in minimum space, it is compatible with European standards compliant storage systems so you can use it with numerous systems. It is made from HDPE for excellent durability.

More details

    A large and functional plastic open-front bin The Pick-in open-front bin can be nested with other empty Pick-in bins to save space and having a large internal capacity means you can install dividers for efficient sorting of parts. Available in several different colours, you can also add label holders to the Pick-in open-front bins for optimal organisation of your goods. The plastic composition of the Pick-in open-front bin is strengthened by reinforcement pillars for enhanced stability. Its large contact area and anchoring grooves give it excellent stability for completely safe use. Take a look at our European and eco-design open-front bins for more storage solutions for your small parts.
    Dimensions240x400x400 mm (28l) ; 250x600x400 mm (45l)