Steel tube hand truck

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With a load capacity of 200 to 350 kg depending on the model, our steel tube hand truck is a reliable solution for handling your semi-heavy loads. The replaceable, bolt-on steel sheet toe plate provides excellent support for your loads. Robust, its machine-welded structure and blue epoxy paint finish guarantee excellent durability.

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    A versatile and reliable steel tube hand truck Our steel tube hand truck is available in a wide range of sizes to meet all your needs. You can also opt for a version with a large toe plate for bulky products or with a curved back for spherical products such as canisters. The wheels on our steel tube hand truck come with a choice of rubber or inflatable tyres and are equipped with roller bearing hubs. Along with the plastic knuckle guard hand grips, they guarantee safe use without fail.
    Largeur570 mm ; 580 mm ; 620 mm
    Hauteur1150 mm ; 1200 mm ; 1300 mm ; 1600 mm
    Capacité200 kg ; 250 kg ; 300 kg ; 350 kg